Our History

The roots of this congregation go back to 1885 when it was organized in Collinsville, Connecticut, as the German Evangelical Lutheran Church of St. Matthew — a community of faith for the many German people who settled in the area. During this time the ministry drew on the strengths and vision of those founding families and faithful pastors who served them. This first chapter in the life of St. Matthew drew to a close in the late 1950s, due to a flood that changed the landscape and map of Collinsville. The vision and faithfulness of those families and their pastor moved the congregation to Avon in the early 1960s with great hope for the future.

The second chapter began as St. Matthew took root in Avon. A stable community of surrounding towns in the Farmington Valley now related to Hartford as growing suburbs. Faithful people and pastors continued to serve, lead and support of the growing congregation. The sanctuary building was dedicated in September of 1963, and an education and fellowship wing was added in 1970.  The intern program began in 1986, and over the years the congregation welcomed over 20 interns.  We added our Casavant Pipe Organ in 1987 to enrich the thriving music ministry of the congregation.  In 2003, we called a second pastor to support the growing ministries of St. Matthew.  Among these ministries has been a thriving youth ministry, with annual mission trips from places as varied as inner city Chicago, rural Appalachia, and Romania.  The congregation continues to grow in its witness in the community, hosting an annual 5K run, serving those in need in Hartford, and reaching out to families in the Farmington Valley.

In 2016, the congregation said goodbye to its pastor of 32 years, Pastor William S. Carter, and welcomed their new minister, Pastor Julie Reuning-Scherer.  The people of St. Matthew are eager to welcome you in this new chapter of their life together!