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Children's Sermon: The Royal Treatment

Updated: Dec 20, 2022

Jesus got the royal treatment today in the gospel lesson we heard today at the beginning of the service! That means he was treated like a king.

How do I know? Well, first of all, Jesus was entering Jerusalem, the royal city where King David had reigned long ago in the golden age.

Secondly, he was riding a colt, which was mentioned in the Old Testament prophet Zechariah as the way the messiah would enter the city. (Zech 9:9)

Third, the people welcomed Jesus as they would a king, spreading their cloaks and branches of trees on the ground, so that Jesus’ feet would not have to touch the dirt. They shouted “Hosanna!” which is usually addressed to a king, and means ‘save us.’ And they shouted about how David’s kingdom was coming back.

Yes, Jesus got such a royal treatment that he could have worn a crown (put on crown).

But was Jesus a king? Yes, but not the kind of king who commands armies and lives in a palace.

Jesus did not wear a crown of gold and jewels, but one like this: (put on crown of thorns).

The crown Jesus chose showed what he did for us and for all people:

Instead of claiming power over other people, Jesus gave himself for others.

He gave up his divine privilege and joined us in our humanity

He shared our pain and suffered in our stead.

He took on all that is wrong in the world, to make it right again.

The crown he wore led to his death, but also to his resurrection, and therefore also to ours.

Jesus got the royal treatment and now we do, too.

Hosanna in the highest!


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