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Thank you for stopping by!  We’re glad you made it. 


Please take a moment to read more about who we are, and feel free to contact us with any questions you may have regarding our congregation or membership.


The best way to learn about what we believe at St Matthew is to learn more about the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, the national body of which we are a part.  Check out our mission at and central teaching at

or just go to the ELCA homepage and click on the "New to ELCA" tab. 




​Come as You Are
You don’t need to check your personality at the door; you don’t need a special set of clothes.  Some people dress up; others wear jeans.  Some folks have been coming to worship all their lives; others are new to the faith.  We have people across the political spectrum and all ages and abilities.  You can be yourself at St. Matthew.

Children are Welcome
Children are the heart and soul of a congregation!  St. Matthew’s children (and adults) enjoy a weekly children’s sermon, as well as education for all ages.  If a child needs to take a break from worship, we offer a Kid's Corner just outside the worship space, where adult and child hear the worship service and play for a while.


We Share Scripture
We gather at St Matthew to grow in our spiritual lives and in our capacity to serve—and scripture is at the heart of that growth.  Through reading, discussing, and applying scripture in sermons and education, we are comforted in our struggles and challenged to be more like Jesus.

We Celebrate the Eucharist
Eucharist is a church word that means “I give thanks.”  Each week we give thanks for the gift of Jesus, his resurrection, and his power to change our lives, in a holy meal called the Eucharist.  It’s also called Holy Communion and the Lord’s Supper.  We share a little bread and wine, as Jesus did with his disciples, and trust this meal strengthens us for our spiritual walk, just as a family meal strengthens our bodies and the bonds between us.  Jesus is the host of this meal, so anyone wishing to participate is welcome.

We Share Peace
When we are in worship, someone will probably turn to you and say, “peace be with you.”  This is our way of sharing Jesus’ gift of peace with one another and the world.  You can shake a hand and return the favor, and say, “Peace be with you, too.”

We Do Some Churchy Stuff
Folks at St. Matthew love to sing, stand and sit, and even kneel- it’s like church aerobics!  We take an offering every week to support the ministries at St Matthew and beyond.  Feel free to participate in whatever is comfortable to you, or to sit back and soak up the experience.

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