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Meeting Notes - 05/05/2022

Updated: Dec 19, 2022

The team met on May 5 @ 7pm (Zoom). All team members, plus Pastor Sandra D’Amico and Diane Oates were present (roster follows Meeting Highlights)

Meeting Highlights

Members briefly introduced themselves and offered their assessment of the most important charge to the Transition Team. These are summarized as follows:

  • The team needs to move forward deliberately to complete the Congregation Assessment Tool (CAT survey) and the Ministry Site Profile (MSP). These 2 tasks can proceed concurrently.

  • The team supports transparency of communications, both internally and with the congregation

  • There needs to be a timeline for the CAT.

  • We need to hear from members who are no longer attending

Pastor Sandi shared a devotion, and we discussed the need to balance urgency with discernment of what may be different now, as we emerge from the pandemic.

A hypothetical CAT timeline:

  • 5/15 - Establish contact with Holy Cow

  • 5/29 - Initiate CAT survey

  • 6/12 - Close CAT survey

  • 7/10 - Survey evaluated by Holy Cow and reviewed by Synod – results to St. Matthew

Pastor Sandi was asked to confirm approval by Pastor Sara to connect with Holy Cow by 5/15.

The Transition Team will meet weekly on Thursday @ 7pm

Agenda for 5/12

  • Pastor Sandi to walk through the Pastoral Transition process document with the team

  • Team should review the Pastoral Transition process document and the prior St. Matthew MSP prior to the meeting.

  • Members of the prior Transition Team have kindly agreed to attend to provide their experience of the prior transition process.

Aside from transition, the team also ideas for increasing the public awareness of SMLC in the Farmington Valley.

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