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Meeting Notes 06/09/2022

Updated: Dec 19, 2022


· Communication Plan check in

· Feedback on July 4 end date

· Data Sheet

· When we transition into Analytics phase

Letters (226) were mailed on 6/7, Diane already received a phone call requesting a paper survey.

Constant Contact out 6/10 AM (i.e. Survey is Live!!)

Reminders will be sent using Constant Contact and post cards (CC opt-in is only ~40% of roster).

Communication plan includes sending postcards to everyone on Friday June 17 -- Diane needs help to prepare/mail.

Team agreed on postcard wording and bulletin insert wording for ongoing communications & reminders.

While Diane is away, voice mail will be changed to indicate in Diane's absence to call Ben Wright with questions about the CAT survey, to request a paper copy, etc.

Pastor Brian will reinforce survey from pulpit.

June 22 -- Constant Contact --announcement that we're at the halfway point -- REMINDER

Post-meeting update:

·Constant contact went out 7/10 AM.

·HolyCow! Confirmed that CAT survey is good to go!

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