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My Faith Story - George Reider

Carol and I with four boys in tow arrived in Farmington in April,1975. On that first Sunday we attended St Matthew. The doors were open, we were welcomed. The church building, the pastor, the choir, the staff were all there to provide for our worship and ministry on that day and for years to come. It was possible because of the generosity of the members of the congregation over the years since its founding in the late 1800’s.

St. Matthew has been a keystone to our family in the happy times of weddings, baptisms and confirmations and in the challenging times of illness, personal challenges and death. Pastors Julie and Brian were with not only Carol and me but also with George’s wife Nancy and family in Denver until they arrived in Connecticut for George’s memorial service.

Carol and I are forever appreciative of St. Matthew and I recognize you are too. During this challenging pandemic, you have continued to faithfully provide financial support with your weekly, monthly or annual giving. You have participated in worship and our outreach programs such as donations to foodbanks and support to our sister congregation in Hartford, Grace Lutheran.

In January we learned of a $150,000 contribution from the Steinburg and Jensen families with a matching challenge in order to pay off our $300,000 mortgage. Just then the coronavirus crisis came upon us and the question was do we proceed with our capital campaign. The decision was to continue in a measured fashion. Your response has been remarkable and most generous. On June 30th we paid off our mortgage with over $100,000 in donations and pledges, along with a loan from our endowment fund. As of today, with continued contributions and pledges, we are less than $10,000 from completing our goal.

God has been good to St. Matthew and we have and continue to be appreciative and good to our church, including our stewardship pledges for next year.

Thank you and stay well.

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