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My Faith Story - Perry Hasson

I have been attending Saint Mathew’s Lutheran Church services since the first Sunday of Advent 2019. I was looking for a Christian church for a while and decided to attend a service at Saint Mathew. I found Pastors Julie and Brian to be capable, accessible, and caring pastors. They do a wonderful job in performing the Sunday services, are accessible before and after Sunday service, and interact warmly with their parishioners.

I have received a number of blessings and graces since joining Saint Mathew’s Lutheran Church. I find the parishioners are warm and friendly. I attend the Sunday services on a regular basis and also participate in the men’s group meetings. I find both activities helpful in developing my spirituality and understanding of the faith.

I made the decision to become a Lutheran Christian during the summer. Pastor Brian was instrumental in my conversion. He did the pre-baptismal training with me which covered the Lutheran beliefs and history. Pastor Brian made the arrangements with Pastor Julie for my baptism which occurred on Reformation Sunday 2020 (October 25, 2020). Members of the Men’s group were my baptismal sponsors.

I plan to continue to participate as a member of Saint Mathew as I continue to develop in my faith. I want to thank the Saint Mathew’s community for allowing me to become a member.

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