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My Faith Story - Maragaret Byrne

My impact story truly comes from the impact stories of others, specially, Fred and Greg. I’ve been involved with centering prayer on the second Tuesday of the month with Fred and Anne since Pastor Brian introduced it to the congregation. I found the quiet time during centering prayer and our conversations after have enabled me to listen to God speak through silence.

This summer I was offered a nanny job with the notion I’d go back to teaching preschool in September. I’ve worked there 25 years. It was a comfortable predictable place to be. I always assumed I would retire from there. At the end of the summer it was clear that the classroom is going to look different during a pandemic. I wasn’t sure I was too keen on all the changes. The family I have been nannying for suggested I stay with them and work a four day work week with Fridays off. Through centering prayer, morning and evening prayer it became clear that I needed to take a leap of faith, leave my comfortable place and grab on to what God was putting in front of me. By taking this job, it made me available to continue going to Grace on Fridays. What a bonus!

Doreen and I showed up at Grace the fourth Friday of March to a new way of serving the Grace community. Homemade meals were now going to be boxed and it was A grab and go style of serving. Louisa, , Sue, Emmanuella, and Pastor Rick orchestrated the prep, and the delivery of the meals and the ways of keeping us all safe and healthy as we boxed over 100 meals. We continue to do this weekly.

I am so grateful for Fridays off to help such an amazing community of compassionate and loving people. Although I miss our sit down dinners and prayers every fourth Friday, I admire how the Grace family found a way to be available to these individuals and families in need.

So, thank you Fred and Greg for your impact stories that reminded me how Grace and centering prayer have impacted my life and how grateful I am for both communities that offer so much love and understanding.

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