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Abundance In Unexpected Places

Good Morning!

I am here from the Stewardship Committee to talk a bit about the next 6 weeks.

We will have two Faith Stories in October among other happenings, and then our

Stewardship Procession on Reformation Sunday. Our theme this fall is “Abide in Me”.

From Jesus’s words in chapter 15 of John’s Gospel:

“I am the vine, you are the branches. Those who abide in me and I in them, bear

much fruit.”

As branches of the True Vine, we are compelled to share our Fruits, our God-given

abundance, with our families, our friends, our communities, including our church

community - both local and world-wide, and our Lord.

Just yesterday I was reminded of God’s abundance. My mother, Dorothy, lives in

Old Saybrook and is almost 83 and very physically fit, but for the last few years

dementia has been progressing and faster, I think, than my brothers and I thought it

would. She has not forgotten though that she is a very determined person. I got a

call at 9:15 yesterday morning from Awa, her companion, who told me to talk to my

mom. Dorothy was about to walk to Farmington because I had come to pick her up

to go to a brunch and had not waited long enough in the driveway for her to get out

of the door.

Most of my conversations with my mom are like this one. Awa and I got her to relax

and I told her that Jeff and I would be down at 4:00 o’clock to walk at low-tide on the

beach - which in Old Saybrook is a daily glory - and then have dinner together. The

beach was beautiful; Awa cooked us a wonderful and spicy pot of spaghetti. And we

had many easy talks and laughs and I think my mom only mentioned once that she

had missed the brunch, the non-existent brunch.

My point is that this is abundance from God - a few hours of Dorothy engaged and

happy. I am compelled to share these moments of peace with you and my brothers

and family, and thank God for their continuance.

Please hear the Faith Stories in the coming weeks and consider the Fruits that you


Thank you.


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