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My faith story - Deb Brodeur

This week I received a homemade “Remembering You on All Saints Day” card from St Matthew’s confirmation class. Inside I found they were praying for me as I remembered my sister Donna. My sister died almost 2 years ago due to a house fire. Last week there were 3 house fires in Canton. One involved a St Matthew family member. This reminded me how the St Matthew family was there for me when Donna died in a house fire. I saw this week how the Canton community was there for the families who lost their homes. This also reminded me that a simple card with a handwritten message can remind you that you are not alone. As Pastor Carter mentioned once in a sermon, homemade cards mean so much more. When my 1st husband died in a car accident, a witness hand wrote the 121 Psalm in a sympathy card. Simple actions show people you care. I am blessed to have my St Matthew family.


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