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My faith story - Greg Boyd

Hi – I’m Greg.

When I moved to CT in 2015, I could not have perceived the number of upheavals that lay ahead. I moved all the way from Atlanta to work as an Executive at Travelers. I thought this was it.

Two years later I was laid off in $5M expense reduction. I began searching for answers. In the meantime I found myself volunteering at Grace Lutheran on Fridays and found myself happily washing hundreds of dishes. I did my job with joy, rarely interacting with the patrons enjoying their Friday meals. But God was teaching me something.

Once I joined the after dinner prayer circle. If you have never been, after the meal (pre Covid) the Pastor would listen and pray with a small group that stayed after. I listened to the people open up, express their pain and seek prayers. When my time came to speak, I passed. Pride. I was a big exec. Not like them. I put up a wall.

I quickly learned that attitude was not serving me well.

I began to open myself of to be honest. I got to know the people. I gained friends who had a genuine interest in me. They would pray for me. It became a beautiful experience, and I cherished my Friday nights with the patrons of Grace Lutheran. They welcomed me.

One night, a quarrel broke out between two men one of which was intoxicated. For some reason I decided to intervene for the sake of the children watching. I stepped in between and shared some words with the intoxicated man that was spewing profanities. Somehow, I was able to very peacefully usher him out and on his way. To this day, I do not know what I said or why he listened to me. I can only attribute it to the Holy Spirit.

Full circle again, after Working in NYC, living at Wall Street for another 2 years, COVID hits and layoffs again. Now I find myself back at Grace on Fridays. This time I am really getting to know the patrons. I enjoy every moment listening and sharing. I have adapted this openness with my colleagues and regular NYC Zoom Men’s group which is helping those men grow.

In closing, to you men out there that are closed off. Open up. Share your feelings. Be open to sharing the reality of your life. The journey has been enlightening for me, and it will be for you as well. And come with me to Grace. It is life enhancing.

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