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My faith story - Kurt Saenger-Heyl

It is so wonderful to be with you in worship again this morning! As I reflect on the ways in which Christ showed up for me in the ministry of St. Matthew, I am struck by one thing: YOU. All of you in the congregation. You showed up. You embodied Christ for me. The Walk to Emmaus is one of my favorite stories from the Bible and I think that it sums up my feelings well. I was one of the disciples walking along my path to Emmaus and Christ showed up in you all as you named my gifts and my calling into ordained ministry in this church. I would start listing off all of the people that mentioned something to me after worship about how I should go to seminary or become a pastor or that I already was a pastor…but that would take longer than the 2-3 minutes I have this morning. So I will simply say that you showed up as Christ to me in ways that I could have never expected. When Christ needed to be loud and bold, just as Christ did in the breaking of the break for those disciples, Christ did so through you all. And you haven’t stopped now that I am in seminary. You continue to show up for me by checking in with me and financially supporting me. And I thank God that you are doing so for it is indeed a huge blessing in my life. So today, may the Peace of Christ which passes all understanding guard your hearts and your mind in Christ Jesus our Lord. Amen.

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